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To reserve
Max Replace
MaxReplace cost of one copy is distributed on a paid basis, for one site makes 250 roubles.

The author does not bear(carry) the responsibility before the user of a product Max Replace for any damage, any loss of the profit, information or savings connected to use or to impossibility of use of a product, even in case of the prior notification of an opportunity of such damage, or under any claim of the third party.

The author nor carries out the refund to the user for a product Max Replace .

To order with the help "Яндекс.Деньги"
Step 1. Open the account
The account is possible to open on a site or with having begun to rock the special program "Интернет.Кошелек" (version is higher, located on the same site.

Step 2. Put real money on "Интернет.Кошелек"
The ways of updating are specified also on a site

Step 3. Enter the contact information and sum of payment
Имя получателя:Max Replace
Номер счета:41001226559902
E-mail получателя
Сумма:250.00 руб
Контракт/ назначение платежа: Max Replace
** ATTENTION!!! Closely check up the entered information, before that how to send money!
Especially pay attention to items Номер счета and Контракт/ назначение платежа:
Номер счета - our number of the account (41001226559902); - the domain name of your site, script MaxReplace will work only on it; - your electronic post address, is used for your identification.

Step 4. Press the button "To send"

As the check of payment and generation of your copy MaxReplace occurs manually, the delivery is carried out within day on specified by you e-mail.

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