Max Replace The page is generated with the help PHP - creating pattern MaxReplace
Files used at generation: replace.txt, en.txt, main.htm, top.htm, blue.htm, menu.txt, lang.txt, blue_baners.htm, baners.txt, gray.htm, downloads.htm, downloads_en.txt, buttom.htm
Time of generation: 0.0633320808411 msec
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The function shows contents ini-files.
Plug-in with function of:
  • calculation of the sum, difference and product in succession going, divided by a point, figures;
  • for translation of a line in the top register;
  • for translation of a line in the bottom register.
  • Examples considered on this site. For work is necessary builder of patterns MaxReplace
    Test versions builder of patterns for domains name: http://localhost and http://test.
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