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In addition connected modules
"...Builder of patterns is PHP a code, which processes the specified pattern or file of a pattern, and according to markers, inserts the data..."

But in most cases it not enough, there is a necessity of an insert PHP of a code in pattern, and by that the idea of division HTML and PHP of a code is lost.

To avoid "heap" from a mix PHP and HTML of a code, in MaxReplace the opportunity connection of so-called files плагинов is realized, in which there are specially marked user functions
Example plug-in:
/***Plugin for MaxReplace*** /
Name = calc;
Params Count = 0;
When Replace = afterall;
Description = Calculation of the sum, difference and product in succession going, divided(shared) by a point, figures.
Example: [calc:-1,5,6,*8]
Result: 80
/ ****End of Plugin Tools****/
function calc()
        for (
$i=0$i<func_num_args(); $i++) 
                if ((string)
The functions connected plug-in work by a principle of "markers - methods", they can be caused in any place of a pattern, and in them also it is possible to transfer parameters.

As function plug-in it is possible to nominate any your function, for this purpose it is necessary to bear(take out) function in a separate file and before the announcement of function to place in the comments " parameters of function ", and behind that to connect the given file as plug-in.
** ATTENTION!!! of the name of functions and used in them variable should not coincide with define names of functions and variable Max Replace , as it is not recommended to address to global variable of plug-in.

Obligatory parameters:
Plugin for MaxReplace - for definition of a beginning "of parameters of function" (the register) is taken into account;
End of Plugin Tools - for definition of the end " of parameters of function ";
Name = calc; - the name of function.
Desirable parameters:
Params Count = 0; - for definition of quantity(amount) of transmitted parameters.
  • If 0 that all parameters (by default) are transferred,
  • If -1, means without parameters (parameters the text going after the name of function and up to "]" is considered, for the given example parameter (0) will be ":-1")
  • If > 0, are transferred the fixed number of parameters.
    When Replace = afterall; - for definition of the moment of replacement.
  • If beforerall, the replacement will take place right at the beginning, even before process of builder of patterns.
  • If before, the replacement will occur after line replacement.
  • If after - the replacement will occur after each cycle process of builder of patterns (by default),
  • If afterall, the replacement will take place right at the end, before the conclusion of the data.
    ** ATTENTION!!! at inclusion of function of caching, function connected plug-in announced as before and after, will not work.
    Description = Calculation … figures. - the description of function.
    Example: [calc:-1,5,6,*8] - example of a call.
    Result: 80 - result of a call.

    Alters of textual blocks
    Alters of textual blocks - functions capable to process the large textual blocks. To announce function плагина as "Alters of textual blocks", it is necessary in "parameters of function" to announce parameter TextArea;
    Example plug-in:
    /***Plugin for MaxReplace*** /
    Name = strlower;
    When Replace = afterall;
    Description = Переводит строку в нижний регистр.
    Example: [strlower SmALL tEXt strlower]
    Result:  small text 
    /  ****End of Plugin Tools****/
    function strlower($text)
    As as parameter is transferred text between [ strlower and strlower ], then Params Count it is possible to remove.
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