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Examples for use
The horizontal menu

An example of use of an one-dimensional cycle, for construction of the horizontal menu, the links are formed on the basis of numbers of the current step of a cycle.
The vertical menu

The given example is very similar on previous, but it(he) all the same differs, here is used two-dimensional a cycle and the links are formed through a file of the data.
The hypertext contents

An example of transfer in built - in builder of patterns: a simple line and file of the data. In the given example caching contents is used.
A photoalbum

An example of construction of a photoalbum, the photos go one after another, are built depending on width of a window.
Information blocks

An example of a conclusion: a casual aphorism and latest news. It is one of major examples the considered ways of reception of the data will be used frequently in the subsequent examples.
A multipage conclusion

A unpretentious example of display of the guest book.
The horizontal menu + dropping out enclosed menu

For display of the menu of such kind we shall take advantage javascript -ами.
The vertical menu + dropping out enclosed menu

On a way of a conclusion the given example is identical top, it(he) is simple is made visually out.
The photos with the descriptions

One more variant of performance of photos, in this example of a photo are placed is fixed and for each photo there is a description.
A complex(difficult) multipage conclusion

Basically anything complex(difficult) is not present:), it is simple in an example is connected плагин with functions: generation of the links of transitions, definition of quantity(amount) of lines in a file and linear mathematical account. Also in an example is used markers of change of sample elements.
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