Basic terms
Markers are certain words in HTML text indicating to a builder of patterns a way processings and a conclusion of the data and are divided(shared) on:
  • of a marker - cycle (define(determine) repeating blocks in a code, and specify a place of an insert of the data);
  • the markers - methods (establish or return adjustments of a builder of patterns).

    Pattern - file with HTML by a code for a conclusion, which includes the markers indicating ways displays of the entrance data, sent in him(it).

    Data - the information which can be submitted as a matrix of lines, vector of lines or simple line.
  • a vector (the line broken on elements, as a separator is used a symbol of tabulation);
  • a matrix (set of vectors);
  • the simple line (can be considered(examined) as a file with the data, if the first symbol "/").

    Auto Pattern is a marker - method, which contains in the body a name of a file of a pattern and names of files with the data, all names of files are specified through a point. The auto pattern works as the built - in builder of patterns.

    Builder of patterns is PHP a code, which processes the specified pattern or file of a pattern, and according to markers, inserts the data.

    Plug-in - user PHP scripts, connected to builder of patterns for expansion.